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Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Effective, consistent or compatible learning based on the brain

Joint Event on 32nd European Neurology Congress & 12th International Conference on Vascular Dementia

July 22-24, 2019 London, UK

C P Abdolrasoul Aleezaadeh

U.A.S.T / P.N.U Universities, Iran

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Abstract :

Since learning curricula are mostly intuitive and intuition, transferring the experience or experiences to others is difficult and the result is that learning is not overlooked and the problem of self-esteem, the learner will be there. Therefore, learner must be in a tangible and perceptible way, the process of transferring experience or experiences - which is the same learning. This learning is same as it is adapted to the brain and thus becomes effective and efficient. The purpose of learning effectively and consistent with the brain is same as the use of the new brain/ learning relationship. Learning to match the brain has two characteristics like sustainable and it affects all fields. Since, the best practice and the work of the brain, the learning of the skill of any existing, created and created only for the same has been; the brain is highly efficient, adaptive and adjustable. So, that it conforms itself precisely with the particular way of life at the time of birth and during development based on selective acceptance and nerve adaptation and the cells and bonds removes excess and useless automatically. The main purpose of this research is finding the connection between brain's effects on the physiological basis on learning.

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