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Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

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Dementia-App - The caregivers circle

10th International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurochemistry and 6th International Conference on Vascular Dementia

February 27-March 01, 2017

Pieter Hasenaar

ZevHas Lab B.V., The Netherlands

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Abstract :

Two years ago, the mother of Harm and Pieter was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. At that time they were faced with a world they did not know. After thorough research they themselves decided, with the help of experts, to develop their own App; The dementia-App. The App helps structuring the day living at home with dementia, relieves the immediate environment and allows in this way to everyone's daily life a little bearable. Dementia is a growing problem. Each year 20,000 people are diagnosed with dementia in the Netherlands. At present, some 250,000 people in the Netherlands have this brain disease, worldwide 48.9 million people. Seventy percent of people with dementia is initially looked after by caregivers and boils down to the shoulders of family and friends. A major concern. The dementia-App is a digital circle around the loved one with dementia and so the loved one can be supported remotely and this relieves the caregiver. The dementia-App is the digital link between caregiver and care recipient. To make this linkage there are always requires at least two people to create and start the circle. The dementia-App has several unique features, including the photo album, to reinforce the remembrance. But also Video contact with their precious, playing memory games together and an extensive collection of 200 old journal-videos are available as features in the App. The daily calendar with alarm can be managed remotely. Caregivers can ask each other for information and share experiences through the personal family log. Of course gives dementia-App many important (basic) information and useful tips on the dementia-App Kiosk. Each country has their own tailor made kiosk.Goal is to make the life for everybody qualitatively something more bearable and try to keep people with dementia longer at home in their own environment. Meanwhile, there is also international interest in this innovative project from Alzheimer's Disease International - A.D.I. The dementia-App is a multiplatform for tablets and mobile and available in the E-stores for all systems, iOS and Android.

Biography :

Pieter Hasenaar owns a media company and his brother Harm is a architect. Since their mother has Alzheimer's disease, they want from their profession to make a positive and innovative contribution to improving the quality of life for all involved. Together they work on this social project. See for more info: www.dementia-app. com. The brothers are assisted with their project for advice and supported by several organizations in the Netherlands, including case and home care managers of mental health care, health insurance company CZ, and Alzheimer’s Netherlands. There also is a Scientific Advisory Board, which has formed by six Dutch universities and their scientists.