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Oncology & Cancer Case Reports

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Circular RNA as a new biomarker for cancer prognosis and screening


December 05-07, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Ghanbar Mahmoodi Chalbatani, Habibollah Mahmoodzadeh, Hassan Dana, Elahe Gharagouzlo and Parisa Pilvar

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Abstract :

Circular RNA (circRNAs) is a class of endogenous RNA that was rediscovered in early years. Circular RNAs are produced in eukaryotic cells during post-transcriptional processes. Recently, researches have shown that circRNA are more stable than linear RNA. They are popular in mammalian cell and control gene expression by interacting with microRNA (miRNAs) or other molecules. Also, the prominent feature of circRNAs is 5ΓΆΒ?Β? and 3ΓΆΒ?Β? covalently closed ends. Functional circular RNA has been recognized acting as miRNA sponges and RNA binding Protein (RBP) as well as transcriptional regulator. The multifunctional roles provide the best potential for biological usage. Nowadays, researches have shown that circRNA play significant roles in various diseases, especially in cancer, where they act through regulating protein expression fundamental gene that are acute for carcinogenesis. The presence of enormous circRNA in exomes, salvia and clinical blood sample will make great potential in diagnostic or screening biomarker for disease. Here, in this mini review, record for impact of circRNAs in cancer and their potential emphasis in cancer prognosis and clinical treatment are provided.

Biography :

Ghanbar Mahmoodi Chalbatani is Researcher at Iran Cancer Institute and MSc student at Nor and Danesh Institute from Esfahan Medical Science University. He has done a new research about use of CircRNA in colorectal cancer as biomarker. He is very interested in this field of research, particularly in the connection between circRNA and cancer signaling.


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