Challenges to human intelligence in a future with artificial intelligence

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Challenges to human intelligence in a future with artificial intelligence

Joint Event on 23rd International Conference on Neurology & Neurophysiology & 24th International Conference on Neurosurgery and Neuroscience

March 18-19, 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland

Jaideep Jesson Rayapudi

Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, India

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Abstract :

A lot of discussion abounds today about the future of Humanity, society and community with respect to the advancing prospects of all-pervasive artificial intelligence in the coming days; be it the voice activated devices, self-driven cars, financial trading or even robot-driven healthcare. In the background of all these massive and quick changes how does the human brain respond & react? The industrial revolution took away jobs which had traditionally required human muscle power and now in the information age we are poised to lose out jobs to machines where Human Intellectual work is required. Outside of the job space too, much of decision-making and thought has been aided heavily by data driven machine learning algorithms. Neuroplasticity can enable the brain to get better and learn more; can the opposite be true with disuse of critical components of our cognitive behaviour? The future challenge for cognitive neuroscientists would be to guard & guide brains with suitable strategies to minimise the damage due to the onslaught of machine intelligence. Steps must be taken to recognise relevant issues and diagnose & intervene wisely globally. While apocalyptic scenarios like in the Terminator / Matrix may be prevented by sound policy; neural responses and its subsequent effects in areas of Psychology, society, polity, culture, art, design, relationships, religion etc must be prepared for and countered / augmented if needed. This proposed talk seeks to highlight some of these concerns and generate dialogue, response and action in this matter.

Biography :

Jaideep J Rayapudi, completed MD Physiology in 2003 and has been involved in training & development of Medical Students with a keen interest in the process of learning & memory. He has been at the cutting-edge of developing & implementing technology-based education systems and advocates greater use of artificial intelligence to improve healthcare and healthcare education. He believes that the only way to know the future is to build it and that begins by challenging the status quo.

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