Autonomic nervous system and psychosocial health issues | 60429

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Autonomic nervous system and psychosocial health issues

36th European Neurology Congress & 29th International Conference on Neurosurgery and Neuroscience

May 23-24, 2022 WEBINAR

J P N Mishra

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India

Keynote: J Neuro Neurophy

Abstract :

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a component of human body’s one of the control systems, namely ‘Nervous System’ which controls both mechanical and biochemical activities being undertaken by the body. All such activities are classified in two categories: I) Voluntary II) Involuntary. Involuntary activities in the human body are going on independently with the help of inbuilt mechanism within custodian organ(s) with stipulated pace and quantity required for our healthy survival. However, in certain unexpected circumstances caused on the pretext of varying range of stimuli the control system i.e. Central Nervous System, particularly brain, initiates hyperactivity of different involuntary organs, through ‘Sympathetic’ component of ANS. Such hyperactivities result in the state of stress and finally lead to irreparable damage to various organs, associated with significant negative change in the psychological state and behaviour of the individual. Omnipresence of various stimulatory circumstances causes deterioration in behaviour pattern of the majority of population resulting in psychological evils and breakdown in social health state of the community. To address this problem related to humanity at large, we need to have a viable and cost effective mechanism of action. Taken from the treasure of Indian culture, Yoga, specifically meditation has proved to be one and only such effective mechanism. Pathway of mechanism of the efficacy of meditation on psychosocial health needs to be elaborated.

Biography :

J P N Mishra has completed his Ph.D. in the discipline of Life Sciences (Human Physiology) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India in 1982. He has worked as Professor and Dean, School of Life Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, India. He has 109 research papers in reputed journals, 10 books and more than 100 popular health articles to his credit. The area of his research is Human physiology, Sleep science and Yoga therapy. He has travelled across the globe to deliver lectures on sleep science and yoga therapy. Currently, he is serving as Registrar at NIPER, Hyderabad, India.