AßPP- CTF-AICD domains phosphorylation and interaction with adap | 47916

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

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AßPP- CTF-AICD domains phosphorylation and interaction with adaptor proteins: Signal transduction and/or transcriptional role-relevance for Alzheimer pathology

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Gennaro Schettini

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Abstract :

Dr Jerzy Leszek is full professor of psychiatry at the Medical University in Wroclaw , Poland and vice ?director of the Psychiatry Department .He is author and co-author more than 210 papers (especially from old age psychiatry), some chapters to the books published in reputed Polish and international journals and serving as an editorial board member of several journals .He is Scientific Editor and co-author of first Polish academic handbook on Alzheimer?s disease and five another academic handbooks from psychogeriatry , member a lot of scientific associations eg founder and president of Lower Silesian Association of Alzheimer?s Families, first of its kind in Poland and Former Member of Board of Directions of International Psychogeriatric Association

Biography :

Gennaro Schettini is Full Professor of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy of University of Genova. Graduated magna cum laude at the University of Naples, Italy, spent 3 years at the University of Virginia, than at the New England Medical Center-Tuft University of Boston, at UCSD and lately at University of Melbourne. Has focused his research interests in the field of signal transduction involvement in neuronal survival and death and how it can relate to neurodegenerative diseases, namely Alzheimer Disease. His scientific production accounts for more than 225 scientific pubblications on international peer reviewed journals and the impact of his scientific production risults in an H-index of 37.