AMP-activated protein kinase regulates macrophage polarization an | 48245

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

AMP-activated protein kinase regulates macrophage polarization and controls autoimmune disease

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Neurology & Therapeutics

September 08-10, 2014 Hilton Philadelphia Airport, USA

Giri S, Mangalam A K, Rattan R, Denic A, Viollet B and Rodriguez M

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Neurol Neurophysiol

Abstract :

AMPK is an energy-sensing metabolic switch implicating in various metabolic disorders. Here we report its new role in controlling the immunopathology of experimental autoimmune encephalitis by polarizing pro-inflammatory phenotype of Macrophage. AMPK alpha1 knockout (alpha1KO) developed severe EAE due to higher expression of IL17 with reduced IFNy and IL4. AMPK alpha1KO also exhibited increased number of infiltrated mononuclear cells in CNS due to impaired blood brain barrier integrity. Macrophage from alpha1KO mice exhibited M1 type phenotype (IL10lowIL12/23 high) with stronger capacity to induce allogenic and antigen-specific T-cell response and also heightened the encephalitogenic property of MOG35-55-primed CD4 T cells in B6 mice. Collectively, our data shows AMPK controls the clinical outcome of disease by regulating M1 phenotype-Th17 axis in animal model of MS.