Journal of Health and Medical Research

Transgenic Plant Vaccines

Transgenic plants are identified as promising expression systems for vaccine production. Complex plants like tobacco, potato, tomato, and banana can have genes inserted that cause them to supply vaccines usable for humans. Bananas are developed that produce a person's vaccine against hepatitis B. Another example is the expression of a fusion protein in alfalfa transgenic plants for the selective directioning to antigen-presenting cells, therefore increasing vaccine potency against Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV). Principles that govern the immune reaction can now be utilized in tailor-made vaccines against many noninfectious human diseases, like cancers and autoimmune disorders. For example, the experimental vaccine CYT006-AngQb has been investigated as a possible treatment for top vital signs. Factors that affect the trends of vaccine development include progress in translatory medicine, demographics, regulatory science, political, cultural, and social responses.

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