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Social Tagging

Social tagging is the practice of generating electronic tags or keywords by users instead of specialists as a way to classify and describe online content. It is also called as collaborative tagging. These are keywords generated by internet users on a platform that are used to describe and categorise an object, concept or idea.
Social tagging describes the collaborative activity of marking shared online content with keywords or tags as a way to organize content for future navigation, filtering, or search. Social tagging is the process of tagging and use of tagged resources in the context of systems that bring together the tags from a group of people for improved retrieval and in order to foster relationships between the users. Social tagging systems allow to discover other users by finding people that tagged the same resource or use the same tag. These systems also support the discovery of new information using the set of all tags made by all users. Also known as collaborative tagging, refers to assigning specific keywords or tags to items and sharing the set of tags between communities of users.

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