Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Traditionally the user interacting with computer via command line or GUI or common hand-held devices such as mouse and keyboard which is not feasible for a handicapped or a blind or a mute people. In order to interact with computer, the good interface required, the interface is sub part of human computer Interaction (HCI). HCI not only software design, it also concentrates on design of hardware devices. Describe the interaction between Brain and Computer based on EEG patterns. Brain generates EEG signal Based upon that system has to act and it has to perform tasks like human in real world. Thus, the research work that is proposed would be to build a human to computer interaction through EEG signal. The system that allow the user to interact directly brain to computer-based EEG signal and no need to use any input device to interact with any type of systems such are computer, TV’s. This way the computer system can reduce the man work needed to feed information into the system by a large extent The recent developments in technology have made noteworthy positive impacts on the human-computer interaction (HCI). It is now possible to interact with computers using voice commands, touchscreen, eye movement, hand gesture, etc. This paper compiles some of the innovative HCI progresses in various areas, e.g., specialized input/output devices, virtual or augmented reality, wearable technology, etc. It also identifies some future research directions

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