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Proteases are compounds that break the peptide obligations of proteins; they are separated into corrosive, impartial, and antacid proteases. These chemicals can be gotten from plants, creatures, and microorganisms in a few conditions, for example, high salt focuses. The halophilic proteases have stable movement at high temperature and ionic quality in nearness of natural solvents. Some protease catalysts have potential uses in cleansers, the pharmaceutical business, bioremediation procedures, and food ventures. Steadiness to the natural dissolvable by various proteases has been examined, for example, the resistance of protease from the Halobacillus blutaparonensis strain M9 to ether, isooctane, and cyclohexane ; and In food businesses, proteases assume a job in maturation procedures to create mixes with explicit attribute of flavor and fragrance. Proteases have likewise been utilized in fish sauce readiness , in the pretreatment of cowhide in the tanning business, and in the detailing of remedial dietary items.

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