Journal of Health and Medical Research

Pink Disease

Pink disease (infantile acrodynia) was particularly rife within the half of the twentieth century. Primarily attributed to exposure to mercury (Hg) unremarkably found in dentition powders, the condition was developed by just about one in five hundred exposed kids. The differential risk issue was known as Associate in Nursing individual sensitivity to Hg. syndrome spectrum disorders (ASD) have additionally been postulated to be created by Hg. Analogous to the plant disease expertise, Hg exposure is widespread nevertheless solely a fraction of exposed kids develop Associate in Nursing ASD, suggesting sensitivity to Hg can also be gift in kids with Associate in Nursing ASD. the target of this study was to check the hypothesis that people with a proverbial hypersensitivity to Hg (pink malady survivors) is also a lot of doubtless to possess descendants with Associate in Nursing ASD. 5 hundred and twenty-two participants UN agency had antecedently been diagnosed with plant disease completed a survey on the health outcomes of their descendants. The prevalence rates of ASD and a range of different clinical conditions diagnosed in childhood (attention deficit upset disorder, epilepsy, Fragile X syndrome, and Down syndrome) were compared to well-established general population prevalence rates.

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