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Phosphotransferase high open access journal, the phosphotransferase system (PTS) plays a crucial role within the uptake of multiple sugars in Escherichia and plenty of alternative bacterium. within the cell, individual sugar-specific PTS branches area unit interconnected through a series of phosphotransferase reactions, therefore making a worldwide network that not solely phosphorylates incoming sugars however conjointly regulates variety of cellular processes. Despite the apparent importance of the PTS network in microorganism physiology, the holistic operate of the network within the cell remains unclear. Here we tend to used Firster resonance energy transfer (FRET) to analyze the PTS network in E. coli, as well as the dynamics of super molecule interactions and therefore the process of various stimuli and their transmission to the taxi’s pathway. Our results demonstrate that despite the superficial complexness of the cellular PTS network, its core half operates in a very strikingly easy approach, sensing the flow of PTS sugars no matter the sugar identity and distributing this info equally through all studied branches of the network. Moreover, it conjointly integrates many alternative specific metabolic inputs.

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