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Giardiasis is an illness caused by protozoan Giardia lamblia. it's a gastrointestinal disease. It becomes sometime symptomatic also as asymptomatic. it's epidemic and sporadic in its nature and cause malabsorption and diarrhea. it's a waterborne disease so called “swimming pool” disease. Giardiasis encounters both the male and females of all age bracket , but mostly it had been observed in infancy and childhood stages. It can affect the neonatal stage in 4th postpartum day. This infection is high in children and its rate reduce with the growing age. This parasitic infection is become a basic reason of death and developmental deficiencies throughout the planet (Khan AI. et al., 2010). Agents: Giardia agilis, Giardia muris and Giardia duodenalis / Giardia lamblia are the agents that causes giardiasis. Giardia agilis infect the amphibians like frogs. Giardia muris infect the birds and rodents. Giardia duodenalis infect the mammals including humans, dog and rabbits (GILLON J. 1983).Giardia lamblia may be a zoonotic flagellate unicellular eukaroytic parasite in Diplomonadida order and family Hexamitidae.

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