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Feed producing faces tremendous difficulties and with the interest for good quality feed expanding step by step, it gets fundamental to improve the procedures in a feed plant. This article gives a short outline of the various procedures in feed fabricating and distinguishes the basic procedure boundaries. Five basic boundaries are distinguished where the creation rate is the yield boundary. Crush feed size, steam temperature, molding time and feed rate are the information boundaries. Counterfeit neural system is the approach which is utilized to enhance the procedure boundaries. Root mean squared mistake and coefficient of assurance and calculation time are utilized as execution measures and it is seen that Polak–Ribiere conjugate slope backpropagation preparing capacity with log sigmoid – unadulterated straight exchange work blend gave great outcomes among the diverse accessible other options. The procedure boundaries are then advanced utilizing the proper perfect settings of neural system boundaries. This model is incredibly helpful for the expectation of creation rate for 1 explicit formula in a feed factory.    

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