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A meningioma is a tumor that arises from the meninges the membranes that surround your mind and spinal twine. even though no longer technically a mind tumor, its far covered in this class because it may compress or squeeze the adjacent brain, nerves and vessels. Meningioma is the maximum commonplace sort of tumor that forms within the head.most meningiomas grow very slowly, often over a few years without causing signs. however sometimes, their consequences on nearby mind tissue, nerves or vessels can also reason critical disability. Meningiomas occur extra commonly in women and are regularly observed at older a while, however may additionally occur at any age.due to the fact maximum meningiomas develop slowly, frequently without any sizeable symptoms and signs and symptoms, they do not always require instant remedy and can be monitored over the years.t isnt clean what reasons a meningioma. medical doctors realize that something alters some cells in your meninges to lead them to multiply out of manipulate, main to a meningioma tumor.whether or not this happens due to genes you inherit, hormones (which can be related to the greater common occurrence in girls), the rare instance of previous exposure to radiation or different factors stays in large part unknown. there&s no stable evidence to help the announcement that meningiomas occur in association with mobile phone use.A meningioma can be tough to diagnose because the tumor is often slow developing. signs of a meningioma may also be subtle and improper for different health conditions or written off as regular symptoms of getting older..

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