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Medical Fabrics Review Journals

medical fabrics offer unique performance criteria when compared to textiles processed by other means. Specifically, knitted fabrics offer compliance and the ability to negate unravelling of yarns.  Where a knitted fabric is implanted can dictate particular compliance characteristics, to ensure that the material stretches or conforms with the movement of the body, limiting unwanted stresses or discomfort.  Biomedical uses digitally controlled equipment to precisely define specific knit configurations and pore geometries that offer preferred compliance characteristics in the X (machine) and Y (transverse) directions.  This also applies for tubular fabric, where the degree to which a fabric stretches radially and longitudinally can be precisely tuned. The yarn can be split, twisted, warped and heat set, to achieve the desired final product requirements and specifications. This equipment and skill set in house facilitates short lead times for customers from receipt of yarn to initial prototype development.

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