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We live in a globally interconnected and digital age, illustrated by publication venues proliferating across the planet, both online and in print. A benefit for the democratic opening up of knowledge, we also know it well that quality and scholarly scientific journals are few and far between. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology is the first and original OMICS Journal, and remains the only multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed platform that covers all omics sciences to date. For over a decade, OMICS has catapulted systems sciences such as nutrigenomics, ecogenomics, pharmacogenomics, vaccinomics, agrigenomics, theranostics, and personalized medicine to the epicenter of 21st century science.   Our editorial scope is truly post-genomics, broad and integrative. We have named this new vision of life sciences innovation “OMICS 2.0.” This includes omics technologies and their applications in diverse and complementary global settings, such as medicine, ecology, agriculture, nutrition, and personalized medicine. Additionally, OMICS 2.0 advances a scientific culture and responsible innovation driven by systems-oriented thinking, meta-analysis, and independent social science analyses that help bridge the current gaps between omics technologies and society that cannot be addressed by biology research alone (Birch and Tyfield, 2013; Dove and Özdemir, 2015; Funtowicz and Ravetz, 1993; Özdemir et al., 2014; 2015).

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