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Marine-Phycology Scientific Journals

Marine phycology deals with the scientific study of alga living solely in marine ecosystems. Majority of alga area unit organism, chemical action organisms that thrive in dampish habitats. they're less complicated plant species that dissent from the upper plants by being deficient in true roots, stems or leaves. whereas many protects species area unit living thing and microscopic e.g., microalgae and plant life which offer base for nearly all of the marine food chains; many others area unit cellular and of larger size e.g., brown algae and Sargasso. varied microalgae additionally occur as symbionts with fungi in lichens. Scientific journal may be a periodical publication meant to more progress of science, typically by news novel analysis. There are a unit thousands of scientific journals in publication, and lots of a lot of are printed at varied points within the past. Most journals area unit extremely specialized, though a number of the oldest journals publish articles and scientific papers across a large vary of scientific fields. Scientific journals contain articles that area unit peer reviewed, to make sure that articles meet the journal's standards of quality, and scientific validity 

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