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Loop Algebra

Loop algebras are certain types of Lie algebra, of particular interest in theoretical physics. If is a Lie algebra, the tensor product of with the algebra of (complex) smooth functions over the circle manifold S1 is an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra with the Lie bracket given by . Loop Algebra journals was established to distribute the most energizing investigates regarding the subjects of Geometry, algebraic topology and other current research including about lie theory and its development. Besides, to give a fast turn-around time workable for surveying and distributed and to scatter the articles openly for examination, showing and reference purposes. Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications is one of the Loop Algebra Journals created with a point of distributed great papers in the field of algebra related research empowering approaching researchers dig into the field who are intrigued by propelling their examination in the field of Loop Algebra and its applications. 

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