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Livestock are considered key entry points for both women empowerment and improved food and nutrition. Livestock (particularly smaller species) and livestock products can be controlled by women more easily than other assets such as land. Livestock provide animal source foods (asfs) which improve anthropometric indices, cognitive functions and nutritional deficiency among undernourished children (Randolph et al., 2007). Increased livestock commercialization through intensification has been found to augment men control over livestock resources and income to the detriment of women traditional control over them, with negative impacts on child nutrition. Livestock offers huge opportunities to improve people livelihoods, given the many functions it provides in numerous systems, pastoral as well as mixed crop livestock systems. Livestock research has therefore an important role in supporting development through livestock and over the years has done so, at different levels. Research has contributed to development outcomes and ultimately impact through localized, on the ground, applied research; it also contributed to the broader development through the creation of ipgs. While there are many instances when livestock research has been able to leverage and influence development programs, it is important to also recognize how development efforts, be by the traditional development partners like government and ngos or by the private sector or investors, are influencing the research agenda, as this paper has shown. As the two types of stakeholders are increasingly working together, there is no doubt that more examples of development influencing research will emerge. The worldwide journals are among the best open access journals on earth, set out to appropriate the most comprehensive, relevant and trustworthy information reliant on the stream creative work on a grouping of subjects. This information can be disseminated in our buddy investigated journal with influence factors and are resolved using references from ask about articles just as overview articles (which will as a rule get more references), distributions, letters, meeting abstracts, short trades, and case reports. The consolidation of these conveyances allows to editors and distributers to control the extent used to learn the impact factor and endeavor to manufacture their number rapidly.

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