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Journals aims to publish innovative scientific content such as research papers, case reports, review articles, short communications, commentaries to name a few. It is the basic research article, applied research article, or translational researches conducted to aid and support the evolution of knowledge in the field of Healthcare. The online healthcare journals mode of publication provides these articles with a wider platform and a larger audience. The revolution brought superb consequences in foodstuff production however with insufficient  concern for agricultural property. the provision and affordability of fuel based mostly chemical fertilizers at farm level in Asian country are ensured solely through imports and subsidies that ar mostly obsessed on gross domestic product of the country. Dependence on chemicals for future agricultural desires would end in any loss in soil health, prospects of water contamination and calculated burden on the financial  system. Indiscriminate artificial plant food usage has impure the soil, water basins, destroyed micro-organisms and eco-friendly insects, created the crop a lot of prone to diseases and depleted soil fertility at the first levels as of these days, that is that the main concern of the write up. during this important context Microorganisms are emerged because the potential different for the productivity, reliableness and property of the world organic phenomenon. Rectifying the disadvantages of the carrier based mostly biofertilizers, liquid biofertilizers are developed which might be the sole different for the value effective property agriculture.

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