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Laparoscopic Gastrostomy

The position of a gastrostomy tube for taking care of is one of the most widely recognized pediatric medical procedure strategies. The choices for taking care of cylinder position into the stomach incorporate an open gastrostomy tube situation, a laparoscopic gastrostomy tube arrangement, a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), and a laparoscopic-helped PEG situation. The selection of strategies relies upon tolerant attributes, anatomic contemplations, and specialist inclination. An open Stamm gastrostomy includes a laparotomy and protecting the stomach to the front stomach divider with four stitches in the wake of having made sure about the taking care of cylinder to the stomach with handbag string stitches. A PEG includes setting taking care of cylinder through the skin and into the stomach with the help of endoscopic intraluminal representation of the stomach. It doesn't require a laparotomy, yet additionally doesn't permit perception of the tract or the peritoneal space while taking care of the cylinder is being put. PEG position additionally doesn't give stitch obsession of the stomach to the front stomach divider. Laparoscopic helped gastrostomy tube arrangement gives a representation of the taking care of cylinder and track just as discretionary stitch obsession of the stomach to the foremost stomach divider.

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