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To consider to be behind the sickness as an eventually self-deciding individual with possibilities inside himself ” is the most extreme articulation of regard to pride. This philosophical viewpoint of nursing is depicted in Lanara’s book Heroism as a Nursing Value, as it is affected by the Greek writing and furthermore talked about by contemporary medical caretaker scholars. In spite of the fact that pride is perceived as a centre issue in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as a focal nursing an incentive inside the International Code of Ethics and national nursing codes, the idea is as yet unclear prompting disarray about its significance. Jacelon et al s recognizable proof of social attributes of pride make a significant commitment to science by encouraging the advancement of an operational definition that fits the improvement of nursing mediations that advance patient respect . Operationalizing pride just as the ramifications for ordinary practice, Gallagher et al. bolster that a lot of what is depicted as adding to poise in care could be gathered under the heading of individualized consideration. Regarding Human Dignity through Individualized Care Evridiki Papastavrou

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