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Health Care

Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people. Health care is delivered by health professionals in allied health fields. Every individual has required different care depending upon their health problem like some require normal care and some require extra special care. So on the basis of patient condition healthcare divides into various types. Following types of healthcare are explained below: (i) Primary Healthcare: Primary health care mainly focuses on health equity producing social policy  beyond the traditional healthcare system. Its main aim is to provide local care to a patient because professionals related to primary care are normal generalists, deals with a broad range of psychological, physical and social problems etc rather than specialists in any particular disease area. Primary care services rapidly increasing in both the developed and developing countries depending upon the increasing number of adults at greater risk of chronic no communicable disease like diabetes, asthma, back pain, hypertension, anxiety, depression etc., (ii) Secondary Healthcare: This healthcare is provided by the medical specialists and other health problems who do not have direct contact with a patient like urologists, dermatologists, cardiologists etc. According to National health system policy, the patient required primary care professionals referral to proceed further for secondary care. Depends on countries to countries, the patient cannot directly take secondary care because sometimes health system imposed a restriction of referral on a patient in terms of payment., (iii) Tertiary Healthcare: This type of healthcare is known as specialized consultative healthcare usually for  inpatients and on referral from primary and secondary healthcare for advanced medical investigation and treatment. following examples of tertiary care services are plastic surgery, burn treatment, cardiac surgery, cancer management, neurosurgery, complex medical and surgical interventions etc.

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