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Geographical Prospecting Journals List

Prospecting is the first stage of the geological analysis (second – exploration) of a territory. It is the search for minerals, fossils, precious metals or mineral specimens, and is also known as fossicking. Traditionally prospecting trusted direct observation of mineralization in rock outcrops or in sediments. Modern prospecting additionally includes using geologic, geophysical, and geochemical tools to look for anomalies which could narrow the hunt location. Once an anomaly has been recognized and interpreted to be a capability prospect direct statement can then be cantered on this area. In some areas a prospector have to additionally make claims, that means they have to erect posts with an appropriate placards on all 4 corners of a desired land they desire to prospect and check in this declare before they will take samples. In other areas publicly held lands are open to prospecting without staking a mining declare.

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