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Fungal-endosymbionts-review Articles

Fungal-bacterial endosymbiosis encompasses the mutualistic relationship between a fungus and intracellular species residing within the fungus. Many samples of endosymbiotic relationships between bacteria and plants, algae and insects exist and are well characterized, however fungal-bacteria endosymbiosis has been less well described. Many of the fungal partners involved within the endosymbiotic relationship with the bacteria also are in mutualistic or parasitic relationships with other plants. The presence of intracellular bacteria living within these fungi add another level of complexity and suggests that at some level, the plant is benefitting indirectly from the interaction between fungi and bacteria. We can see that fungal-bacterial endosymbiosis significantly impacts the worldwide concern of food production and that we can consider the deeper understanding of those relationships as being the answer to these problems.

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