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Peromyscus maniculatus shows outrageous variety in coat shading that is believed to be driven by determination for crypsis against avian predation. Specifically, mice occupying the Sand Hills district of Nebraska have extremely light pigmentation that coordinates the quartz sand substrate. We have developed various huge field nooks on the boundaries of substrate shading found in this district and colonized them with genotyped wild mice. Beside obstructions forestalling relocation of the presented mice, these fenced in areas are regular habitats dependent upon ordinary predation pressure from feathered creatures, hence empowering estimation of determination on qualities influencing pigmentation (and different characteristics!) over the genome.   We use cutting edge sequencing and going with computational devices to distinguish hereditary variety at remarkable quantities of loci in huge populace tests. By deciding the wellness outcomes of genome-wide variety in an applicable biological setting, this work will improve our comprehension of a definitive and proximate components permitting adjustment  
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