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The external environment's effects upon genes can influence disease, and a few of those effects are often inherited in humans. Studies investigating how environmental factors impact the genetics of a person's offspring are difficult to style . However, in certain parts of the planet during which social systems are highly centralized, environmental information which may have influenced families are often obtained. These researchers found that if a father didn't have enough food available to him during a critical period in his development just before puberty, his sons were less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. These findings suggest that diet can cause changes to genes that are passed down though generations by the males during a family, which these alterations can affect susceptibility to certain diseases. Epigenetics is involved in many normal cellular processes. Consider the very fact that our cells all have an equivalent DNA, but our bodies contain many various sorts of cells: neurons, liver cells, pancreatic cells, inflammatory cells, et al. .companion assessed journal that includes all parts of epigenetic standards and instruments in connection to human illness, conclusion and treatment. Clinical trials and research in illness model living beings are especially welcome.

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