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Conservation ecology is the department of ecology and evolutionary biology that offers with the upkeep and control of biodiversity and natural resources. It is an area this is rising rapidly due to the accelerating deterioration of natural structures and the worldwide epidemic of species extinctions. Its aim is to discover methods to preserve species, habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems as fast, as efficaciously, and as economically as possible. The theoretical base of conservation ecology is synthetic, based now not only on standards of ecology but on the ones of genetics, systematics, population biology, and other disciplines. The Conservation Ecology AOE has a typically biological emphasis; students have to have or gather a broad background in ecology, populace biology, evolution, and systematics. at the equal time, this AOE can be regarded as having an carried out ecology emphasis; college students need to gather a few background in environmental coverage and behavior thesis or dissertation research applicable to fixing conservation ecology troubles.

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