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 Dyspnea is the medical term for shortness of breath, typically delineated as “air hunger.” it's Associate in Nursing uncomfortable feeling. Shortness of breath will vary from delicate and temporary to serious and long-lived. it's typically troublesome to diagnose and treat dyspnea because there are often many various causes.
Shortness of breath will have causes that are not because of underlying malady. Examples embody exercise, altitude, tight wear, a chronic amount of bed rest or a inactive manner.
The main symptom of symptom is labored respiration. it's going to last for a second or 2 when strenuous activity. Or it might be a chronic drawback. you'll have the feeling of simply not obtaining quite enough air into your lungs all the time. In serious cases, you'll feel like you’re smothering. Bouts of symptom might also evoke chest tightness.

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