Journal of Health and Medical Research

Defence Wounds

Defensive wounds are more often than not to be found on the hands of an individual who has been attacked or involved in a fight. These wounds, which are normally to be found around the hands, fingers and arms of the victim - and indeed sometimes the attacker can be examined in order to determine how much of a struggle the victim put up and how much of a frenzy the attacker was in. Many violent crimes tend to leave the victim's hands and arms covered in these defensive wounds, which can be made by the blade of a knife, biting or scratching, and clawing perhaps at the ground in an attempt to get away. These violent crimes often include rape, murder, assault and sometimes even robbery but for the most part assault, rape and murder are the most common crimes to have defensive wounds. Defensive wounds as we have said are often to be found on the hands and arms and this is because the victim will be trying to protect their face and upper body from attack by the assailant. This attack will normally take place at night and in a darkly lit area and the assailant will normally be carrying some kind of weapon - in the case of sexually related crime this is often a knife.

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