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Dairy cattle (also referred to as dairy cows) are cattle cows bred for the ability to supply big portions of milk, from which dairy merchandise are made. Dairy cows generally are of the species Bos taurus.historically, there was little distinction among dairy cattle and red meat cattle, with the equal stock regularly getting used for each meat and milk production. today, the bovine enterprise is extra specialized and maximum dairy farm animals have been bred to produce large volumes of milk.Dairy cows may be discovered either in herds or dairy farms wherein dairy farmers own, manipulate, care for, and acquire milk from them, or on commercial farms. Herd sizes range round the arena depending on landholding subculture and social structure. the us has an expected 9 million cows in around seventy five,000 dairy herds, with an average herd length of one hundred twenty cows. The variety of small herds is falling rapidly with the 3,one hundred herds with over 500 cows producing fifty one% of U.S. milk in 2007.the UK dairy herd basic has nearly 1.5 million cows, with about a hundred head reported on a mean farm. In New Zealand, the common herd has greater than 375 cows, even as in Australia, there are about 220 cows in the average herd.the usa dairy herd produced eighty four.2 billion kilograms (185.7 billion pounds) of milk in 2007,up from fifty two.nine billion kilograms (116.6 billion kilos) in 1950, but there were most effective about 9 million cows on U.S. dairy farms—about 13 million fewer than there were in 1950

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