Journal of Health and Medical Research

Crown Rust

Crown rust (or leaf rust) of oats is caused by the plant life genus Puccinia coronata power unit. avenae. It infects the Illinois oat crop virtually per annum. many specialised types of the plant life attack several connected grasses. the quantity and severity of infection varies greatly from year to year, reckoning on atmospheric condition, the quantity of rust substance (spores) gift, and therefore the area of inclined varieties. A future doable means that to bypass the interspecific transfer barrier and greatly speed the method would involve characteristic and biological research the actual factor sequence from the connected oat species and introducing it via DNA procedures into cultivated oats. In several aspects, the unwellness cycle of the crown fungus is comparable thereto of stem rust. The thick-walled, black teliospores germinate within the early spring to supply alternative minute, delicate spores (sporidia or basidiospores) that area unit carried by the wind during a viable state up to a few 880 yards, infecting solely the young leaves of rust-susceptible buckthorns (Rhamnus spp).

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