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ISSN - 1986-8111

Cosmology-scholarly Journal

Cosmology is the study and understanding of existence in its totality, encompassing the infinite and eternal, and the origins and evolution of the cosmos, galaxies, stars, planets, earth, life, woman and man. Yet of the thousands of scientific journals published yearly worldwide, not one is dedicated to the study of Cosmology. Most scientific journals are aimed at specific, narrowly defined areas of research; tailored to those specialists who devote their lives to learning more and more about less and less. The alternative, we are told, is to learn less and less about more and more, and thus "generalists" and interdisciplinary journals are rare indeed, for how many wish to discover how little they know? The interdisciplinary Journal of Cosmology is devoted to the study of "cosmology" and is dedicated to those men and women of rare genius and curiosity who wish to understand more and more about more and more: The study of existence in its totality.

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