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while someone is having a convulsion, they may experience numerous different symptoms. those can also encompass: a brief blackout, confusion, drooling, loss of bowel/bladder manipulate, surprising shaking of whole frame, uncontrollable muscle spasms, temporary cessation of breathing, and many greater. symptoms generally final from some seconds to round 15 minutes. If someone has a suit like this, it is counseled to ensure they do no longer fall and injure themselves, cushion their head and unfasten any restricting clothing/rings, and additionally name for medical help. This need to be executed whether or now not they've fallen, the helper ought to ensure that if they fall the helper does now not 1)try to pin/preserve them in area, as this will likely purpose damage or harm to the individual 2)does now not cushion their head for this can cause the concern to harm their neck while present process any sort of spasm and 3)does no longer place anybody element in-between the man or woman's enamel in the course of a seizure (inclusive of any palms) to prevent the chattering and or clenching of teeth, if trying to defend the difficulty from injuring themselves (related to fracturing of the teeth and or chewing on cheeks inner lining causing more pain and bleeding) thru the clenching of their tooth, the helper might also vicinity a leather-based object like a belt or pockets (with none playing cards in it), between their teeth. The maximum commonplace sort of seizure is known as a generalized seizure, also known as a generalized convulsion. that is characterized through a lack of focus which may additionally result in the man or woman collapsing. The frame stiffens for about a minute after which jerks uncontrollably for the subsequent minute. for the duration of this, the patient may additionally fall and injure themselves or chew their tongue and lose manipulate of their bladder. A familial record of this puts someone at a greater danger for developing them

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