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The mucous membrane may be a skinny, clear tissue layer, that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and covers the sclerotic coat (the white a part of the eye). The mucous membrane contains glands that turn out secretions that facilitate to stay the eyes wet, and antibodies, that cut back infection. Conjunctivitis suggests that ‘inflammation of the conjunctiva’, and therefore the commonest cause is infection by viruses or bacterium. reborn may flow from to chemical irritants, ancient eye remedies or hypersensitivity reaction. it's usual for each eye to be affected in infectious cases. The patient notices that the eyes square measure red and uncomfortable, and there's discharge which can create the eyelids stay together within the morning. The vision is sometimes not affected. On examination the eyelids is also slightly swollen, the eyes square measure red, and there is also some visible discharge. The tissue layer ought to be bright, and therefore the pupils ought to be spherical, regular and react to lightweight. reborn because of infection happens in the least ages, however a number of the less common causes have an effect on explicit age teams there's one type of reborn which might be sight threatening – that because of gonococcal infection.

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