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Carcinoid Research

A carcinoid tumor may be a sort of neuroendocrine tumor that sometimes develops within the digestive (GI) tract (such because the stomach or intestines) or within the lungs. In some cases, a carcinoid tumor develops in another a part of the body, like the pancreas, testicle (in men), or ovary (in women). It is a slow-growing tumor that typically doesn't cause symptoms within the early stages, so an individual may have the tumor for years before being diagnosed. In later stages, symptoms may vary counting on where the tumor is found . Symptoms of a GI carcinoid tumor may only develop if the tumor has spread to the liver. The tumor may produce hormone-like substances that spread to the body and cause symptoms of carcinoid syndrome, like flushing of the face and chest, diarrhea, and trouble breathing. People with a lung carcinoid tumor are less likely to possess carcinoid syndrome, but may experience coughing, wheezing, or pneumonia.

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