Journal of Health and Medical Research

Bouveret Syndrome

Bouveret syndrome could be a rare complication of lithiasis that sometimes presents with signs and symptoms of stomachic outlet obstruction. Bouveret syndrome could be a rare sort of bilestone blockage secondary to associate degree nonheritable fistula between the bladder and either the small intestine or abdomen. Through the fistula, a bilestone could enter the enteric system and cause a stomachic outlet obstruction. thanks to the rare nature of this unwellness, there are not any standardized recommendations for the diagnostic workup and management of those patients, together with scrutiny, laparoscopic, and open surgical choices. Most patients that gift with Bouveret syndrome square measure senior with multiple medical comorbidities. At avoiding the morbidity and mortality of what was historically an open surgical approach for treatment has junction rectifier to multiple reports of scrutiny therapies for this condition. As scrutiny is each diagnostic and probably therapeutic, several square measure moving toward scrutiny as first-line medical aid. Multiple scrutiny modalities are utilised for treatment of Bouveret syndrome together with scrutiny nets/ baskets,5 mechanical, electrohydraulic, laser, and extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy, furthermore as combined scrutiny and surgical therapies.

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