Journal of Health and Medical Research

Biological Data Analysis

Principles and applications of statistics in biology, with emphasis on genetics, biology , ecology and ecology . This has resulted during a flood of biological and clinical data, which might be overwhelming for researchers to handle without appropriate processing and analysis tools, especially when there is a lack of training or no knowledge of programming, statistics, and modeling. However, the biological data amount is becoming so great that traditional data analysis platforms and methods can not meet the necessity to rapidly perform data analysis tasks in life sciences. As a result, both biologists and computer scientists face the challenge of gaining a profound insight into the deepest biological functions from big biological data. Therefore, custom data analysis services became increasingly important in biosciences and may certainly help accelerate the research cycle. Then we offer a taxonomy of various biological data analysis applications and a survey of the way they need been mapped onto various computing platforms. After that, we present a case study to match the efficiency of various computing platforms for handling the classical biological sequence alignment problem. At last we discuss the open issues in big biological data analytics.

Relevant Topics in Medical Sciences