Journal of Health and Medical Research

Biological Control

Biological control programs for weeds are going under expanded examination by ecological gatherings in the USA. Legitimate difficulties not just have halted the discharge and redistribution of one gathering of natural control specialists for weeds, yet additionally have clearly deferred the issuance of licenses for other organic control operators that have been suggested for field discharge. In this paper, three trial approaches are portrayed for foreseeing the field have explicitness of some organic control possibility for weeds in the proposed nation of presentation with no danger of changeless foundation of the bugs. Each of the three methodologies depend on logically demonstrated ideas and will encourage organic control discharges on a test premise before full-scale usage. Classical biological control is the deliberate importation and release of new species of natural enemies with the intention of suppressing the densities of a target weed or insect permanently over the whole of its range in the country receiving the natural enemies. Target pests are typically invasive species and the introduced natural enemies are those specialized agents that attack it in its native range. Classical biological control is a major tool in reducing impacts of invasive species, both in crops and natural areas.

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