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Biocontainment studies area unit usually regular well ahead or area unit regular in an exceedingly tight window for completion at the biocontainment facility. Biocontainment laboratory areas area unit usually not allotted to single users or maybe single pathogens. These areas usually should be decontaminated, and reconfigured to support individual analysis protocols. Therefore, sudden delays in starting work area unit usually important to completion of planned studies, facilities utilization, and news to granting agencies. These concerns impact labor and prices on the far side the individual PI. The IBC ought to bear in mind of those special biocontainment limitations and establish a fast-track approach to review of biocontainment studies or alternative procedures which is able to expedite the method. If the IBC publishes their commission review schedule and submission deadlines this greatly aides PI compliance. to boot, if the IBC identifies the necessity for biocontainment work the time of grant submission they'll work with the PI to spot their expectations on problems that the PI should prepare info to support AN IBC submission.

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