Journal of Health and Medical Research

Ascochyta Rabiei

Ascochyta may be a genus of fungus fungi, containing many species that square measure infective to plants, significantly cereal crops. The taxonomy of this genus continues to be incomplete. Symptoms square measure typically elliptical spots that square measure at first iron deficiency anaemia and later become a death brown. Management includes antifungal agent applications and sanitation of unhealthy plant part rubbish. Leaf recognizing symptoms square measure typically related to high wetness, heat temperatures, dense foliage, and leaves in grips with soil. as a result of the plant life overwinters in plant rubbish on or within the soil and conidia square measure distributed by rainsplash, initial infections occur on leaves in shut proximity to the soil. The sickness is of comparatively minor economic importance however is probably going to contribute to foliar death in individual crops. Symptoms square measure typically determined later within the season, towards the tip of grain filling, once sickness is unlikely to cause vital yield loss. The air-borne ascospores are concerned in late summer asthma attack.

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