Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

Antiretroviral Treatment

 The treatment for HIV is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART involves taking a mix of HIV medicines (called an HIV treatment regimen) on a daily basis. ART is suggested for everybody United Nations agency has HIV. ART cannot cure HIV, but HIV medicines facilitate individuals with HIV live longer, healthier lives.

ART works by keeping the amount of HIV in your body low (your microorganism load). This lets your system recover and keep sturdy.Keeping your microorganism load low additionally helps to forestall HIV being passed on.With sensible attention and treatment, many folks with HIV reside even as long as those who don’t have HIV.You can still have relationships, to figure or study, to form plans, to possess a family – no matter you'd have done before your HIV identification.
Research shows that a mix, or "cocktail," of medicine is that the best thanks to management HIV and lower the possibilities that the virus can become resistant to treatment. Your doctor can in all probability suggest that you just take 3 completely different medicines from 2 of the teams.

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