Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

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HIV is a virus that belongs to Retrofired family, which is considered as a highly evolved, which can replicate in host cells by Reverse Transcription process. Virus enters the body, damages the immune system and causes various diseases in humans and animals. HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one such retrovirus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Journal of HIV & Retro virus is an open access peer reviewed journal that covers the prevention and treatment techniques of HIV. Mainly focusing on testing, infection, diagnosis, transmission, replication, vaccine research, risk analysis, Case studies of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, HIV therapies. The Journal of HIV & Retro virus provides the broadest coverage from biological science to clinical studies and outcomes analysis, specializing in developments of novel medicine and immune-restorative approaches. Newest papers on the newest progress and analysis advances through clinical trials and examination of targeted antiretroviral agents result in enhancements in translational drugs for optimum treatment outcomes.

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