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Annexin is a common name for a group of mobile proteins. they're frequently discovered in eukaryotic organisms (animal, plant and fungi).In human beings, the annexins are discovered within the cellular. but a few annexins (Annexin A1, Annexin A2, and Annexin A5) have additionally been observed outdoor the mobile environment, as an instance, in blood. How the annexins are transported out of the cell into the blood is currently unknown due to the fact they lack a sign peptide important for proteins to be transported out of the cell.[citation needed.Annexin is likewise known as lipocortin. Lipocortins suppress phospholipase A2.accelerated expression of the gene coding for annexin-1 is one of the mechanisms by which glucocorticoids (inclusive of cortisol) inhibit irritation. The simple structure of an annexin consists of two principal domains. the primary is placed on the COOH terminal and is referred to as the “middle” region. the second one is placed on the NH2 terminal and is called the “head” place.
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