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AIDS is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that is printed by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (London, United Kingdom). it had been established in 1987 and is an officer journal of the International AIDS Society.[1] It covers all aspects of HIV and AIDS, as well as basic science, clinical trials, epidemiology, and social science. The editor in chief is Jay A. Levy. Eighteen problems area unit printed annually.
The journal’s primary purpose is to supply an open-access platform for the generation and dissemination of proof from a large vary of HIV-related disciplines, encouraging analysis from low- and middle-income countries. additionally, JIAS aims to strengthen capability and empower less-experienced researchers from resource-limited countries.
JIAS additionally includes a skilled development programme and offers workshops at international conferences [2][3][4][5], that cowl not solely scientific writing, however additionally alternative aspects of business enterprise.These workshops, primarily attended by young researchers from resource-limited settings, area unit geared toward increasing the capability of targeted delegates to publish their findings.

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