Journal of Dental Research and Practice

John E Nathan

Department of Pediatric Dentistry, University of Alabama, Cleveland, USA


  • Editorial   
    What Training Programs Need to Include to Provide Meaningful Experience and Proficiency in the Use of Pediatric Sedation: A Dilemma for the Council on Dental Accreditation
    Author(s): John E Nathan*

    The Council on Dental Accreditation has the formidable task of determining what minimally needs to be included in the curricula of advanced training programs. Concerns have emerged regarding curriculum requirements for advanced training programs in pediatric dentistry in the area of pediatric sedation. Conceptually, among the obligatory demands to provide well rounded experience in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, wide variation in curriculum didactics and clinical experience with sedation techniques presents a dilemma for accreditation bodies. Wide variation appears to exist amongst programs with respect to what constitutes adequate exposure making use of both a limited and extensive spectrum of available agents and combinations to manage the childhood manifestations of varying levels of anxiety and behavioral resistance. This dilemma is not limited to training in sedation, but se.. View More»

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