Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Shu-Zong (Phillip) Wang

Shu-Zong (Phillip) Wang
Michael Green Lab, Department of Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology
University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA


Born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Dr. Shu-Zong (Phillip) Wang graduated from Wuhan University in 1988 with BA in Biology. After that, he went to Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China for training in Biochemistry and received his Master degree in 1995. He received his PhD in Pathobiology in University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri during the period of 1996-2004. He then worked as a postdoctor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas from 2004 to 2007. Currently, he is working as research associate at Department of Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology in University of Massachusetts Medical School and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Based on this research and fellowship training he has received several awards and honors, such as SSR Trainee Research Award. He is serving as an expert reviewer for up to 10 journals including Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, BMC Cancer, Journal of Neurology and Neurophysiology, etc. He has authored more than 10 research articles /books.

Research Interest

His research has included investigating roles and functions of important genes and signaling pathways in physiological conditions and diseased states in the central nervous system. His research uses both biochemical and mouse genetic approaches to address the questions of interest in the level of molecules and whole organism.