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Robert Perna

Robert Perna

Robert Perna
Westside Neurorehabilitation Services, Lewiston, England


Dr. Perna is a board certified pediatric and adult neuropsychologist and graduate school trained nurse and works at TIRR in Houston Texas. He has worked in neurorehabilitation for the past 20 years. Dr. Perna has published clinical research on the following topics: brain injury throughout the lifespan, developmental delays, gestational exposure to anesthetics and other drugs, perinatal cyanosis, the developmental effects of child maltreatment, psychopharmacology, types of neuroplasticity, and effort testing with children. Dr. Perna enjoys helping patients and other authors present their best work and further our understanding of developmental and clinical neuroscience.

Research Interest

Neurorehabilitation, Brain injury, Child maltreatment, Psychopharmacology, Neuroplasticity, Clinical Neuroscience